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Salary recommendations for all occupations.

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LaborIQ Salary Answers for new hires, promotions and backfilling jobs
Salary Answers
Find salaries for 20,000+ job titles by location, industry and company size.
Share customized reports to align your team and candidates.
Compensation Planning
Pay Benchmarks
Pay Benchmarks
Compare individuals or teams against current and future market-pay rates.
Proactively identify pay gaps to reduce turnover costs.
Salary Benchmarking
Expert Analysis
Expert Analysis
Talent supply and market insights into key drivers of compensation demands.
Build your candidate pipeline, faster.
Labor Market Analysis
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Why LaborIQ?

LaborIQ's ATILA® Technology uses scientific analysis to deliver accurate information about how much people are paid for a job in a specific market and industry.

We gather information from multiple data sources, apply advanced data science methods, and validate against actual pay stubs so you get the most up-to-date, accurate answers about what you should pay people to be competitive.

What Clients are Saying about LaborIQ®

With LaborIQ’s salary recommendations and metro analysis, I was able to identify new markets for talent acquisition and instill confidence in one of our hiring managers that we would be able to staff her team successfully with top talent. And, we know we can keep talent after discovering through LaborIQ that we are a top-paying employer.
The best competitive comp data I've found yet. LaborIQ gives us realistic salary ranges that are verified by credible 3rd parties - which has saved me dozens of hours validating appropriate salaries. This solution is also really robust, offering total compensation and talent supply forecasts. In an instant, I can now be competitive with compensation and get the talent I need.
LaborIQ's compensation tool is amazing in that it allows you to drill down into company size, location and industry to receive relevant compensation data. I often compare different job titles and markets to have a thorough understanding of market conditions. The reports are excellent and easily transferred into my own presentation or printable as a presentation.
The ability to narrow down our salary compensation reports by industry has been a key factor in our success in helping our clients recruit top talent! The user-friendly interface of LaborIQ has been integral in easily pulling market reports to guide our business. The data accuracy is unparallel.
Since using LaborIQ’s market analysis, we’ve been able to easily identify economic movement in specific metros and strategically guide our clients’ business operations and location strategies. This has saved both sides a tremendous amount of time and resources.
LaborIQ has set us apart from other recruiting companies. We are able to look at market forecasts by location and industry, which helps determine growth and expansion areas for our business. With LaborIQ Salary Answers, we're able to provide our clients with accurate, market-driven salary information to help them budget for current and future positions.

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