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Our advanced AI and data science methods gather and analyze 18 trillion data points and 8.6 million company pay stubs to provide you with market-driven wage answers that are expertly curated and thoroughly validated.

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Compensation Answers

Instantly find market-driven compensation recommendations for 20,000 job titles, across all U.S. cities.

Customizable for your specific job, location and industry.

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Salary Benchmarking

Compare salaries against the current market to strategically advise on headcount savings and identify retention risks.

Use our quick uploader for team benchmarking or compare one individual at a time.


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Market Intelligence

We bring together employment and diversity data, workforce trends and hiring forecasts in one, intuitive platform.

Each data point provides expert analysis, giving you a unique perspective for growth planning.

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Personalized Dashboards

Easily create dynamic dashboards to track critical salary and labor market changes.

Visualize the data you need, how you need it and with whomever you need.


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