LaborIQ helps you make competitive pay decisions for hiring or backfilling
any position and retaining employees in today's evolving job market.

What Is LaborIQ?

Thousands of users trust LaborIQ to provide salary recommendations, close pay gaps, and simplify pay transparency strategies.

With LaborIQ, you'll know the best markets to recruit, where to find qualified and diverse talent, and be able to customize market-competitive compensation plans for over 20,000 job titles.

Set Pay for New Hires

Whether it's a new role for the company or backfilling an existing position, it can be hard to nail down the job requirements and associated pay in today's market. Leverage the details of our job repository to remove the guesswork for your next opening. Salaries, skills and responsibilities included for all jobs.

Strategic Compensation Planning

The headcount budgeting process is a big task to manage. Save time by easily uploading your roster of employees and get market-based salary benchmarks to stay up to date between merit cycles.

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