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Actionable answers for strategic business and talent decisions

I help businesses understand how the economic environment will impact their ability to hire and retain employees.

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Labor Market Analysis

20+ years of economic and labor market analysis, identify the supply and demand of talent by industry and location.


Hiring Forecasts

Forecasting trends for hiring, turnover and compensation for strategic growth planning by sector.

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Business Leadership

Senior leadership, strategy consulting and content syndication for startups to large, publicly traded companies. 

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Available for events, podcasts, TV and radio 


Jay's expertise in analyzing and distilling complex data into actionable insights supplies the industry with answers for strategic business and talent decisions.

Keynote Sessions

Actionable, data-driven presentations on labor market trends and forecasts for conferences, trade associations, HR groups, company and executive events.

Media Interviews

A go-to resource for insights on the job market, hiring, talent supply and future trends for local and national publications.

Group Presentations

Customizable group presentations on the labor market and trends for specific industries and jobs, including executive teams and HR leaders.

Jay Denton, Labor Market Expert & Speaker

Chief Analytics Officer for LaborIQ, Jay delivers keynote addresses and seminars on the economy and job market, talent demand and hiring forecasts to businesses, executive groups, and media outlets across the nation.

Denton has been featured in Bloomberg Business, The Wall Street Journal, New York Post, Business Insider and more.  

Business Insider

Key Data for Hiring, Retention & Compensation Planning 


Presentation Overviews
Topics can be customized for your business, group or association.

If today’s labor market seems confusing, it is. If it appears as if contradictory trends are happening, they are. 


Following a remarkable recovery and hot labor market over the last two years, 2023 has defied expectations of a recession or substantial slowdown.


The labor market remains strong in most sectors, but things are starting to normalize. The strength of labor market stats has been in sharp contrast to the more pessimistic sentiment, especially with strikes, layoffs and rising interest rates in the headlines.


Chief analyst, Jay Denton, breaks down trends and data in accessible, relevant ways to help improve your hiring strategy and align with business leaders.


Key Takeaways


  What a talent supply shortage means for 2024 compensation planning

 How hiring managers and business leaders may face different challenges in 2024

   Which occupations, industries and locations are poised to remain strong during the uncertainty ahead


Key Takeaways:

   Understand wage growth changes and impacts to hiring, employee retention and 2024 budgets

 Discover the different hiring challenges hiring managers and business leaders face in 2024 (compared to 2020-2022)

   Learn which occupations, industries and locations are poised to remain strong during the uncertainty ahead

Key Takeaways:


   The outlook on compensation amid a shortage of talent

   Which industries and cities are growing and those seeing job losses

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“Thanks so much for your presentation at our meeting today. The insightful commentary and answers to the group's questions were extremely useful and will drive a more informed hiring strategy."

Tammy Gianfortune

Keystone Partners

”Jay did an awesome job of keeping it engaging with all the valuable data and statistics. The strategies were so great, I think it would be terrific to have him back to discuss hiring trends, insights, and predictions."

Vadim Liberman

ERE Media

“That was fantastic …. again! So perfect the way you brought in very specific detail to the state and specifically SV (Silicon Valley). These insights will help leaders better plan for their recovery.”

Laura Weikle

COO Forum
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Presentations & Media Interviews

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Business Strategy Sessions